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With roots in Wilson & Rocky Mount NC, the band Matty Begs officially began in the Spring of 2012.  Known for their high-energy, jam-infused live shows, catch Matty Begs’ acoustic-electric party rock at the best bars, colleges, and beaches the East Coast  has to offer.  The band covers a wide variety of songs, new and old, and infuses them  with their own funky upbeat style to encourage the audience to have fun, sing along, and dance…because that’s what music is about!!   
Matty Begs' original material draws heavily upon the bands' influences. Catchy lyrics and sing-along, party-anthem choruses inspired by the likes of the Dave Mathews' Band, Blues Traveler, Counting Crows, Jack Johnson, and Sublime, leave the listener feeling good and wanting more.  Matty Begs' third EP “The Beach” was released in March 2016.


Upcoming events

Nantucket hickory meadows
Mill chill

Matty Begs (Acoustic) @ Koi Pond Brewing Co.

Koi Pond Brewing Company, 1107 Falls Road, Rocky Mount, NC

Matty and Matthew are playing an acoustic set of some Matty Begs songs along with some of your favorite covers. The last time was awesome so join us again for some afternoon fun! Bring the kids! 3-6 pm


Matty Begs (Acoustic) @ White Plains Children's Center Fundraiser

Mayton Inn, 301 S Academy St, Cary, NC

Matty and Matthew will be doing an acoustic set for the White Plains Children's Center's fundraising party...more info to come.

New EP "The Beach"

We spent a lot of time playing at the coast the last four years.  The salt air vibe and easy going lifestyle inspired 4 songs to capture the band's love of the beach, life, family, and  friends.  The third time was a charm at Thread Audio as we spent over a year perfecting what we think is our best music to date.  We are so proud of this EP and thankful we have the best fans to share it with!!

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